Serious Request 2017

Hi fellow Agents,

Every year in the week before Christmas, the Dutch radio station 3FM takes action for a good cause in collaboration with the Red cross. In this week DJs get locked up in a glass house for 6 days without food. The DJs play songs requested by the listeners who pay to get their song on the radio. That’s why this week of action is called Serious Request

The money is used to reunite families who are torn apart due to disasters or conflicts. The goal is to reunite as many families as possible. The goal is to collect as much money as possible and bond together as a ingress family in this last week for Christmas.

At the swag pick-up location during Mission day Dordrecht you can make a donation in a small glass house and buy a Serious Request Biocard for €1,00. Off course, all money raised will go to Serious Request.

This year, the glass house is in Apeldoorn. On Saturday December 23, we have planned an Ingress XF event in Apeldoorn to collect as much money possible. Please follow the Ingress for Serious Request Community for more information.

You can buy swag to support this action in the swag store online store

Please all bring some cash to Mission Day Dordrecht and donate to Serious Request.